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Clinical decision support tools (CDSTs) take an input – i.e. data about a patient – and deliver an output in the form of a decision, recommendation or prediction. This output is presented alongside a certainty estimate – i.e. how certain or uncertain the tool is about its prediction. In order to utilise CDSTs in practice, clinicians will be required to interpret both the output of a tool, and its uncertainty estimate, and integrate this with their own clinical assessment. The aim of this study is to understand how medically trained individuals interpret and process the output of artificial intelligence clinical decision support tools. The study has been approved by University of Oxford Central University Research Ethics Committee Reference: R80680/RE001

If you are interested in participating in the study, please follow this link:

For more details on the online survey as well as the project more generally, please visit

If you have any queries about the study, please contact Dr Dan Joyce; or Dr Jonathan Cattrall;

We are looking for

Medical students (any year) and qualified medical doctor volunteers (any specialty, any career grade) who are aged 18 and over, to participate in an online study to investigate the above aims. You are invited to complete a short survey for one session, taking approximately 20-30 minutes.


Participants are not reimbursed for their time.