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The purpose of this study is to examine how the brain is organised, and how it processes information and performs skills such as thinking and speaking. TMS is a technique that allows us to stimulate the brain by rapid switching of a magnetic field in a coil placed over the head. Participants may experience some discomfort during TMS. By using this technique, we hope to find out how different brain regions contribute to perceptual decision making.

You will participate in a maximum of 3 sessions; in the first session you will learn how to do the task on a computer, we will make a 3D image of your brain using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) and we will try out the TMS so you know what it is like. In the other two sessions, you will perform the computer task before and after we apply TMS.


Probing and perturbing perceptual decision-making


We are looking for

Healthy fluent English-speaking people aged 18-45 who are not pregnant. You will be asked questions about your medical history to check your suitability for both MRI and TMS.


Volunteers will be reimbursed for their time.