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Prof Mina Fazel, from Oxford University's Department of Psychiatry discusses the idea of turmoil with Samira Ahmed and a panel of experts.

'Turmoil is all around us – in politics, in our mental health and in fantasy fiction, which often seems to excite our hunger for nightmare scenarios.

With threats of terrorism, environmental catastrophe andpolitical pandemonium around the globe amplified by modern communications, Samira Ahmed is joined by psychiatrist Mina Fazel, political scientist Daniel Drezner, and horror writer and Zombie expert Max Brooks to explore how we might cope with real or perceived disaster and disorder and examine whether the apparent chaos of the modern world really is greater than ever before.'

- BBC programme description

Listen to The Forum: Turmoil Around the World and in Ourselves

Prof Mina Fazel is interested in the mental health of newly arrived refugee and asylum-seeking children and is developing a school-based psychological treatment package for front-line workers to help treat mental health problems..


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