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Amy Bilderbeck has been selected to represent the University at the Global Young Scientists Summit@one-north next January in Singapore.

This is a gathering of young scientists and researchers (PhD students and post-docs) from all over the world, to meet with eminent international science and technology leaders  . It is a multi-disciplinary summit, covering topics ranging from chemistry, physics, medicine, mathematics, computer science and engineering. Speakers invited to the GYSS@one-north are globally recognised scientific leaders, who are recipients of the Nobel Prize, Fields Medal, Millennium Technology Prize and IEEE Medal of Honour. 

The theme for GYSS@one-north is "Advancing Science, Creating Technologies for a Better World". Over a five-day programme, bright young researchers will interact with eminent scientists and peers to discuss key areas of science and research, technology innovation and society, and solutions to global challenges.

Not a problem for Amy….

Guy Goodwin
Emeritus Professor of Psychiatry
University Department
Warneford Hospital
Oxford OX3 7JX
+44 (0)1865 226451


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