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I am delighted to have been awarded the fellowship.  I frequently hear from people experiencing psychosis that abusive voices leave them feeling low, anxious and even suicidal.  Better understanding and treatment for this specific voice presentation is much needed.  My hope is that the research programme will be a significant step forward in helping patients to disengage from abusive voices and enjoy a better quality of life.
- Dr Bryony Sheaves

Dr Bryony Sheaves has been awarded an NIHR Clinical Doctoral Research Fellowship commencing in June 2018.  Under the supervision of Professor Freeman and Dr Johns she will conduct a three year programme of research focusing on the experience of hearing abusive voices (a specific symptom of schizophrenia).  She aims to learn why abusive voices can absorb the attention of patients and consequently be so disruptive to daily life.  Following this she will develop a cognitive behavoural treatment (talking therapy) to help patients to disengage from these voices.

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