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Professor Kia Nobre shares her experience of 'getting into science'. A cognitive neuroscientist interested in understanding the principles of the neural systems that support cognitive functions in the human brain, Kia explains the fundamental importance of curiosity and science.

Image shows a green arrow increasing exponentially with the caption above saying 'your time is now'.

'For me, it was never a matter of getting into science. Rather, I never got out of science. As far as I can remember, I was curious about how the world works - how things come to have colour and texture and taste; how clocks tick, radios capture sounds, planes fly...'

Professor Kia Nobre is the Director of the Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity (OHBA), Head of Department of Experimental Psychology and Chair in Translational Cognitive Neuroscience. 


I've been lucky that I never had to grow out of exploring the wondrous mysteries all around me. Now, why can't I remember all the way back to the beginning of my life? Now there's another good scientific question!

Professor Kia Nobre.

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