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On 8 March, the Department of Psychiatry watched - with baited breath - as its new MRI Scanner was winched out of a lorry and lowered into position by crane, to take up residence in the new Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity (OHBA).

 Highlights from the arrival of the new siemens mri

 Click through the gallery below to see the scanner swing into place.

OHBA Scanner Arrives



  • The scanner is a 3T Siemens MRI Scanner
  • The magnet was made in Eynsham, and then sent to Germany to be fitted into the scanner
  • It will do an average of 1,800 scans every year
  • It will be located in the new Oxford Centre for Human Brain Activity
  • It will help our understanding of mental health across the lifespan, including dementia, bipolar disorder and developmental disorders
  • It will complement the existing MEG scanner and mirrors the MRI scanner that's recently been installed in FMRIB
  • It creates new opportunities for mental health research, accessing the world-leading neuroimaging community in Oxford

Read more about OHBA.



Please follow the link below to read the news on the NIHR BRC website.