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Contested Elections: 12 June 2014 One member of Congregation elected by Congregation from members of the faculties in the Divisions of Mathematical, Physical and Life Sciences and of Medical Sciences

The following nominations have been received:

Helen McShane, BSc MBBS PhD Lond, Faculty of Clinical Medicine

Nominated by:

  • A M Buchan, Corpus Christi, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
  • K E Davies, Hertford, Faculty of Biochemistry, Faculties of Physiological Sciences, and of Clinical Medicine
  • P J Donnelly, St Anne's, Faculty of Statistics
  • L J Gullifer, Harris Manchester, Faculty of Law
  • A V S Hill, Magdalen, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
  • J S Payne, Merton, Faculty of Law
  • L Tarassenko, St John's, Faculty of Engineering Science
  • I M C Tracey, Pembroke, Faculty of Psychological Studies, Faculty of Clinical Medicine
  • R Waller, Principal of Harris Manchester, Faculty of Theology
  • E S C Weiner, Kellogg, Faculty of English Language and Literature

Michael Wooldridge, BSc CNAA, PhD Manchester, Faculty of Computer Science

Nominated by:

  • J D Bone, Master of Balliol, Faculty of English Language and Literature
  • W N Hutton, Principal of Hertford
  • A M Etheridge, Magdalen, Faculty of Statistics, Faculty of Mathematics
  • P S Grant, St Catherine's, Faculty of Materials
  • A N Halliday, Wadham, Faculty of Earth Sciences
  • S D Howison, Christ Church, Faculty of Mathematics
  • A W Roscoe, University, Faculty of Computer Science


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