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Research studies in Oxford are investigating how physical and mental exercise could prevent brain decline in older people. The Cognitive Health in Ageing project (CHA) is recruiting healthy volunteers aged 60 or over to provide valuable insights into how the brain can adapt and change during ageing. One of the key questions the five-year project will address is whether exercise slows brain degeneration or increases the brain’s ability to compensate. Researchers hope new understanding will help improve exercise-based treatment programmes for people with early stage dementia. Participants will take part in either a 12-week programme of physical exercise or a four-week programme of computer-based brain training tasks. Researchers will use MRI and MEG brain scans before and after the programmes to investigate the effects on brain function.

Dr Claire Sexton (who runs the exercise project at CHA)
Dr Claire Sexton (who runs the exercise project at CHA)

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