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©Copyright A. Andò et al., 2019. By using the Rorschach test, self-reports, and psychophysiological measures, we investigated thoroughly the psychological functioning in a hyperhidrotic case. Erica, a young female with hyperhidrosis, was assessed in three times at one-week distance. First, specific tools assessing potential psychological and affective distress, and the Rorschach test were administered. About one week later, Electrodermal Activity was recorded during the exposure to a mild laboratory stress-inducing task. Finally, a magnetic resonance imaging exam was performed in order to exclude medical conditions/neurological alterations for potential physiological anomalies. Erica tends to avoid living in the moment and prefers to experience close relationships in her inner world where she can rehearse the future and imagine different contexts and social situations without risks and embarrassment. She reports high capacities to perform goaldirected behaviors and clarity of emotions only in absence of stressful situations. The study has the merit to be the first to combine Rorschach data with physiological data in order to investigate the psychological functioning in a hyperhidrotic case.

Original publication




Journal article


Research in Psychotherapy: Psychopathology, Process and Outcome

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83 - 98