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Mosquito transgenesis and gene-drive technologies provide the basis for developing promising new tools for vector-borne disease prevention by either suppressing wild mosquito populations or reducing their capacity from transmitting pathogens. Many studies of the regulatory DNA and promoters of genes with robust sex-, tissue- and stage-specific expression profiles have supported the development of new tools and strategies that could bring mosquito-borne diseases under control. Although the list of regulatory elements available is significant, only a limited set of those can reliably drive spatial-temporal expression. Here, we review the advances in our ability to express beneficial and other genes in mosquitoes, and highlight the information needed for the development of new mosquito-control and anti-disease strategies.

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gene expression, marker genes, mosquito transgenesis, regulatory DNA, Animals, Genetic Engineering, Mosquito Control, Vector Borne Diseases, Gene Transfer Techniques, Promoter Regions, Genetic