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Platelet monoamine receptor binding was determined in normal male and female subjects before and at the end of a 2- to 3-week weight reducing diet (1200 kcal daily). Dieting was associated with an increase in platelet binding sites for both [3H]yohimbine and [125I]iodolysergic acid diethylamide (iodoLSD). The affinity at the platelet [125I]iodoLSD binding site was reduced. In contrast, [3H]imipramine binding was unchanged. These results have important implications for studies that employ platelet binding as a peripheral marker of neurotransmitter function in psychiatric illness.


Journal article


J Affect Disord

Publication Date





267 - 274


Adult, Binding Sites, Blood Platelets, Body Weight, Diet, Reducing, Female, Humans, Imipramine, Lysergic Acid Diethylamide, Male, Middle Aged, Receptors, Adrenergic, alpha, Receptors, Serotonin, Sex Factors, Yohimbine