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© 2014, Fundacion para el Avance de la Psicologia Clinica Conductual. All Rights Reserved. This paper gives a broad definition of the characteristics and incidence of schizophrenia, and introduces the various deficits in social skills and social function faced by patients with this disorder. The role of Social Skills Training (SST), which can be used to improve some of these deficiencies in social skills, social function, cognition and competence, including the history and efficacy of such training, is addressed. An outline is given of the Brief Cognitive-Behavioural SST for schizophrenia patients, designed by our clinical research group (University of Barcelona and General Hospital of Igualada, Spain), along with the parameters of the study, risk factors for certain patients and results. We then indicate future directions focusing on the use of virtual reality as a modern technology to enhance treatment and highlighting potential areas for further study.


Journal article


Behavioral Psychology/ Psicologia Conductual

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461 - 477