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As the year draws to an end, we’d like express gratitude towards everyone in our growing network. Conducting face to face this year has not been without its challenges, especially with the concerning news about the Omicron variant. It has never been so important to express our gratitude and warm wishes to our NHS colleagues, who work in a variety of roles, and play a vital part of delivering the Co-PACT study.

We’d like to thank our committed and resourceful Clinical studies Officers in Leeds, Birmingham, Manchester, Derby and Bradford – Alice Locker, Kiren Bains, Di Baines, Ashley Jones, Jill Cashin, Audrey Williamson, Rochelle Rhodes, Graham Spencer and Iftikhar Khan.

We’re lucky to have generous and passionate local PI’s: Nuwan Dissanayaka (Dis) (Leeds), Roshelle Ramkisson (Manchester), Kopal Tandon (Derby), and Laura Dixon (Bradford).

We’re grateful for the valuable contributions made by our brilliant Co-Investigators: Karen Newbigging, Raghu Raghavan, Rose McCabe, Paul McCrone, Nusrat Husain and Doreen Joseph.

Thank you to Suzi Laws for all your hard works and admin support. We couldn’t have done this without you. Thank you to all the venue staff at St George’s Conference Centre (Leeds), Earl Mill (Oldham), CNet (Bradford), Derby QUAD (Derby) and the Uffculme Centre (Birmingham).

We are so thankful for all the participants that have taken part from the five systems we have been recruiting from. Their contributions are more than just valuable data, they have submitted thoughtful and compelling photographs and captions that are beautifully creative and evocative. We feel privileged that we get to work so hard to use their data to make change happen.

We look forward to further collaboration with our NHS colleagues, co-investigators and participants in 2022. We also look forward to welcoming three new sites: Oxford, London and Lancashire. Although we may face ongoing challenges due to the pandemic, we look forward to tackling them with persistence and compassion. We also have our first webinar, in collaboration with the World Psychiatric Association on 25th January. The webinar will be chaired by Kam and Clair and presented by  Gulamabbas Lakha (A DPhil student at University of Oxford and a member of the CHiMES research group. Here is the link to register:

We’d like to send warm wishes to our everyone in the CHiMES research group.

Happy Holidays and warm wishes for 2022!

From the Co-PACT Team