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Co-Pact involves a number of people from different organisations, click 'read more' to find out who is involved!


The Research Team 

In addition to the information below, clicking on any of the names will take you to a webpage with the relevant biography 

Professor Kam Bhui  PI  CBE MD FRCPsych FRCP(E) FRSA PFHEA Kam Bhui - Professor of Psychiatry & Hon. Consultant Psychiatrist

Kam, Professor of Psychiatry and Honorary Consultant Psychiatrist, CHiMES Collaborative group lead, Synergi Collaborative Centre Director, University of Oxford

Kam researches socio-cultural risk and protective factors, to prevent and reduce inequalities in population mental health & suicide. Kam is especially interested in understanding the drivers of health inequalities, including by ethnicity and gender, and developing preventive actions in populations through policy and practice. Kam deploys novel anthropological, sociological & epidemiological research methods to optimise quality, safety & improve access to treatments. His academic work contributes to prevention, reducing inequalities, building capacity, engaging the public, and addressing stigma to improve outcomes.

Dr Roisin  Mooney   Co-PI  BSc, PhD Roisin Mooney - Project Manager / Postdoctoral Researcher

Roisin,  Post Doctoral Researcher, Synergi Collaborative Centre Project Manager, CHiMES Collaborative, University of Oxford. 

Roisin has experience in managing funded multi-centre NHS research studies and trials. This has entailed communicating with vast multidisciplinary teams, gaining knowledge in research ethics, governance and processes (in both the NHS and Academic Institutions), managing budgets, and continually monitoring data. She has a PhD in Health Psychology Research which entailed working with ethnic minority populations. 

Roisin currently works with the Synergi Collaborative Centre, a five year initiative funded by the Lankelly Chase Foundation to reframe, rethink and transform the realities of ethnic inequalities in severe mental illness and multiple disadvantage. 

Dr Karen Newbigging  Karen Newbigging - Co-Pact Research Team

Karen, Senior Researcher, University of Oxford and Honorary Reader in mental health and social policy, University of Birmingham

Karen joined Oxford University in February 2021, having previously held academic posts at the University of Birmingham of University of Central Lancashire. She is a Chartered Psychologist, an Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and Fellow of the Royal Society for Public Health. Originally qualifying as a clinical psychologist, Karen has over thirty years’ experience in mental health, including direct service provision and commissioning. Since 2000, Karen has been involved in mental health research, service evaluations and system development for various health and social care organisations including governments. She is an experienced qualitative researcher and uses participatory methods, working in partnership with people with lived experience. She has been the Principal Investigator for a wide range of studies including those funded by the National Institute for Health and the Economic and Social Research Council. Her body of research has focused on mental health crisis provision, advocacy, action to tackle inequities in mental health, and prevention and public mental health. Karen has over seventy publications for a wide range of audiences, including books, academic journal articles, magazine articles, and guidance.

Doreen Joseph Doreen Joseph - Co-Pact Team

Doreen is a Black British woman with over 30 years of Mental Health lived experience. Doreen is an advocate, campaigner, trainer, lecturer, researcher and writer in race, mental health, and faith. Doreen has worked with most of the national MH organisations and a few NHS trusts. Doreen's books are on Amazon. She has co-authored with Prof. Kam Bhui, a chapter in textbook ‘Mind, State and Society: Social History of Psychiatry and Mental Health in Britain 1960-2010’, eds G. Ikkos & N. Bouras, 24/6/21, Cambridge University Press. 

Dr Kristoffer Halvorsrud  Kristoffer Halvorsrud - Co-Pact Research Team

Kristoffer, Research Fellow for NIHR ARC North Thames in the Department of Applied Health Research, University College London.

Kristoffer previously was a Research Fellow at the University of Oxford and Queen Mary University of London on a Lankelly Chase commissioned project ( on ethnic inequalities in severe mental illness and multiple disadvantages, where one of his roles included being the PI for Synergi’s Photovoice Project (

Professor Rose McCabe  Rose McCabe - Co-Pact Research Team Rose is a psychologist specialising in professional-patient communication in mental health care. She records professional-patient encounters and micro-analyses verbal and nonverbal communication. She also works on translating these findings into novel interventions to improve communication and patient outcomes in mental healthcare. She joined City University in 2018 and leads the Centre for Mental Health Research. She previously worked in the College of Medicine and Health at the University of Exeter and was Deputy Director of the WHO Collaborating Centre for Mental Health Services Development at Queen Mary University of London.
Professor Paul McCrone  Paul McCrone - Co-Pact Research Team

Paul is a health economist at the University of Greenwich. He was previously based at the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology and Neuroscience at King’s College London), where he worked for 27 years after having previously worked at the University of Kent. He has worked on many economic studies in health and social care. He also teaches health economics to Masters level students, supervises PhD students, and has published widely in peer-reviewed journals. He is involved in policy discussions around health funding and is part of the NIHR-funded Mental Health Policy Research Unit. Much of Paul’s work is related to mental health care provision and he has previously conducted work examining the impact of area-level socioeconomic indicators on healthcare utilisation.

Professor Raghu Raghavan  Raghu Raghavan - Co-Pact Research Team

Raghu’s clinical background is in health psychology and nursing, with expertise in participatory research and co-production. His research is encapsulated by four overarching, but inter-related themes which address issues in mental health, disability and wellbeing: improving access to services/interventions, user involvement, practice and service development, cultural diversity and inclusion.

His current research consists of exploring the conceptualisation of dementia in minority ethnic communities; faith, belief systems and mental health recovery; mental health literacy and research participation from diverse ethnic communities.

Professor Nusrat Husain  Nusrat Husain - Co-Pact Research team

Nusrat has had a keen interest in addressing the huge treatment gap in low and middle income countries (LAMIC). After initial training in psychiatry, Professor Husain completed his Diploma in Public Health (DPH) from Pakistan and Masters in Public Health (MPH) from Emory University USA. Once he had completed public health education he had the opportunity to complete Diploma in Psychiatry for Developing countries from the University of Manchester and was awarded the “WHO Prize for the best diplomat”. Prof. Husain obtained his Membership of College of Physicians and Surgeons Pakistan in Psychiatry and Doctorate in Medicine from the University of Manchester. His research area is Global Mental Health and Cultural Psychiatry and the work fits well with the University and NHS strategy which emphasises translational research and international partnerships. His work in Pakistan, Canada, Brazil and Kenya not only has an impact in those countries but his understanding of working across cultures is proving very useful for the delivery of culturally sensitive care to the diverse population in the UK. His work has been reported in newspapers, radio & TV including BBC Asian Network & BBC Radio-4.

Dr Clair Dempsey  Clair Dempsey - Co-Pact Research Team

Dr Clair Dempsey, Post Doctoral Researcher, University of Oxford

Clair joined Oxford University in June 2021, having completed her PhD in Health Psychology at Coventry University. She is a mixed methods researcher, having conducted a photovoice study, a randomised controlled trial and a mixed methods systematic review for her PhD. Whilst Clair’s recent research has primarily focused on inequalities in women’s’ health, she also has experience of working within a mental health setting within the NHS. Throughout her PhD Clair has worked to link her research findings to policy, including submitting evidence to the government’s recent Women’s Health Strategy call for evidence.  Clair is a member of both the Clinical Psychology and Health Psychology Divisions of the British Psychological Society.  She is also an Associate Fellow of the Higher Education Academy. Clair’s research interests include: Participatory Action Research (PAR), mental health, women’s health (endometriosis and adenomyosis), co-design and intervention design and development.

Michelle Yeung  Michelle Yeung - Co-Pact Research Team Michelle is currently completing my MPhil in Medical Anthropology at Green Templeton College, University of Oxford, where my thesis employs mixed-methods to explore the rhetoric surrounding obesity within the UK government’s COVID-19 policy response, formal media, and patient support groups to identify differing priorities that may exist between stakeholders. Prior to Oxford, Michelle completed a Bachelor of Health Sciences (Hons) degree at McMaster University in Canada, and a MSc in Medicine, Health and Public Policy from King’s College London. Her research background has been predominantly qualitative in method but varied in content, from dementia in long-term care to biological weapons non-proliferation policy. Michelle is interested in the experience of chronic physical and mental conditions in environments with a high infectious disease burden (such as during epidemics and pandemics) particularly amongst BAME folks, as well as additional topics relating to health inequalities, health and risk, and biotechnology.
 Eve Rodgers Eve Rodgers

Administrative Assistant, Co-PACT Project, University of Oxford

Eve joined the Co-Pact team in March 2022 as part time Administrative Assistant.  She provides administrative support to the Co-Pact research team including meeting, travel and workshop arrangements, support for financial management, and purchasing.  Prior to joining Co-Pact, Eve supported two UKRI research projects, having previously been Head of Administration & Finance in a university department and having held similar roles in Oxfam GB. She holds a BA Hons (Open) from the Open University which focused on employment and contract law and business administration.



Funding & Partners 

This research is funded by the NIHR Policy Research Programme, we have a number of partners detailed below. 

Please click on the words below to find out more about these organisations. 


Catalyst 4 Change 

Centre for Mental Health