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Short summaries of main programmes and projects

Improving lifelong cognitive health through physical exercise and cognitive stimulation

The human brain has a remarkable capacity to learn and adapt. This ability is strongly influenced by many factors, including how active we are - both physically and mentally.

Oxford Dementia and Ageing Research

Oxford Dementia and Ageing Research is a consortium of clinical and basic scientists who work on various aspects of translational dementia and ageing research

Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre

The Oxford Parkinson's Disease Centre (OPDC) is a grouping of scientists and clinicians launched in February 2010 following the award of the Monument Trust Discovery Award to Oxford University

Whitehall Imaging Oxford

We are proud to announce that we have now imaged 800 participants (about 12% of the Whitehall II sample) and have achieved our target on time ( Identifier: NCT03335696). Data collected during this study will be analysed by researchers at the University of Oxford in collaboration with Whitehall II study researchers at University College London over the next couple years, before becoming available (in an anonymised form) to other researchers. Results will be published over the following years. Participants will receive updates of the most recent findings with the Whitehall II newsletter between the clinic appointments. You can also read more about the study and its findings on this site.