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... but we also meet regularly. We organise continuing professional development in old age psychiatry and allied profession for Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Berkshire. For the current programme, please go to 'Meetings' at the top of page.

CPD is done more and more by distance learning © iStockPhoto
CPD is done more and more by distance learning

CPD Meetings 2007-2012

The Seminar Room University Dept of Psychiatry 2:00 pm – 5:00 pm (Tea 3:15 pm - 3:45 pm)


Case Conference (2:00 - 3:15 pm)

Speaker/Title (3:45 - 5:00 pm)


Dr John Holmes, Senior Lecturer in Liaison Psychiatry of Old Age University of Leeds Institute of Health Sciences, “Delirium”

Dr Gareth S Owen, Fellow in Bioethics, Institute of Psychiatry, Hon Cons Psychiat, SLaM NHS Foundation Trust, “Consent in elderly depression"


Dr Sheila Hudson, Oxford Health

Dr Claudia Cooper, Department of Mental Health Sciences, UCL, "Screening for elder abuse"


Dr Philip Wilkinson, Dr Svetlana Hemsley & team, Oxford Health

Dr Hugh Series, Oxford Health, “Mental Health Tribunals: a view from the other side of the table”


Dr Lilian Hickey, Dr Alessia Gargiulo & team, Oxford Health

Professor Graeme Yorston, Consultant Forensic Neuropsychiatrist, “Older adults who have ended up before the courts”


Dr Pamina Mitter & team, Oxford Health

Professor Kevin Talbot, Consultant Neurologist Oxford Parkinson’s Disease Centre, JRH, “Clinical aspects of FTD and MND, including terminal care in MND”


Klaus Ebmeier, OH “Having to withdraw Lithium in depressed and bipolar patients”* Dr Chris Winearls, Oxford: “Lithium - a nephrologist’s Perspective”


Dr Brian Murray, Consultant Older Adult Psychiatrist/Clinical Director OPMH Dr Olaf Ansorge, Oxford: “Motor neuron disease and fronto-temporal dementia: what neuro-pathology can tell us"


Dr Philip Wilkinson, OH

Prof Karl Herholz, Manchester: “New developments in Amyloid PET”


Acetylcholinesterase inhibitors & Memantine - What’s the fuss?”  - or: “Their lack of efficacy does not warrant the time spent on their regulation and restructuring of clinical services”
Chair: Prof Robin Jacoby
For the Motion: Dr Brian Murray - Against: Dr Rupert McShane
Witness of change: Prof John Geddes (NICE)


Dr Pamina Mitter, OH: "Horton cases crying out for a multidisciplinary liaison team"

Dr George Tadros, QEII Hospital Birmingham (did not attend)


No volunteers, OBMH 

Dr Eduardo Zamora, George Washington University Medical Centre, Rockville, Maryland: “Immunotherapy in Alzheimer's disease”


Dr Julian Mason, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Klaus Ebmeier, Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University: “Ageing, depression and dementia: from Oxford to Whitehall (Honyman Gillespie Lecture)”


Dr Elizabeth Fussell, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust  (did not attend)

Christina R. Victor, Professor of Gerontology and Public Health, Brunel University  (did not attend)


Dr Philip Wilkinson, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, OBMH

Prof Paul G Ince, Head of the Academic Unit of Pathology, Sheffield University Medical School: “The epidemiological neuropathology of dementia”


Dr Rebecca Mather, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, OBMH

Dr Alan Thomas, Clinical Senior Lecturer/Consultant, Wolfson Institute for Ageing and Health, Newcastle University: “Vascular depression: futile concept or future psychiatry?”


Dr Jenny McLeery, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, OBMH

Dr Sandra Evans, Consultant in Old Age Psychiatry Homerton & St Barts Hospitals, London: “Relevance of attachment theory for older adults”


Dr Pamina Mitter, Consultant Old Age Psychiatrist, OBMH: “Odd somatic presentations”

Dr Jane Lonie, Neuropsychologist, Division of Psychiatry, University of Edinburgh: “A five-year follow-up study of mild cognitive impairment”


Dr Daniel Harwood, St Marys Hospital, Newport -  Prof Keith Hawton & Camilia Haw, Department of Psychiatry, Oxford: “Alzheimer’s Disease & Suicide”

Prof Peter Rothwell, Stroke Prevention Research Unit, Oxford: “Vascular cognitive impairment, dementia, and other neuropsychiatric outcomes after TIA and minor stroke”


Dr Jaqui Hussey, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Dr. Alastair J. Fischer, SL Community Health Sciences Department, St. George’s and National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence: “Modelling, cost effectiveness and the role of AChEIs in Alzheimer’s disease”


Drs Hugh Series & Lola Martos, OBMH

Prof Clive Ballard, King’s College London: “Management of behavioural symptoms in dementia”


Drs Daphne Rice & Matt Evans, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Dr Clare Mackay & Nicola Filippini, fMRIB, University of Oxford: “Early effects of ApoE4 on brain function”


Dr Rebecca Mather, OBMH

Dr Iracema Leroi, Consultant and Senior Research Fellow, University of Manchester: “Behavioural and psychological issues in Parkinson’s disease (not Lewy-body Dementia)


Dr Philip Wilkinson, OBMH

Dr Jonathan Williams, Optima Project, Oxford: “Mild Cognitive Impairment - What's in a name?”


Dr Paul Loughlin, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Dr Peter Nestor, Department of Clinical Neuroscience, Cambridge: “Memory & FTD”


Dr Brian Murray, OBMH

Dr Rupert McShane, OBMH: “DeNDRoN – a year from launch”


Klaus Ebmeier, Department of Psychiatry, Oxford University

Bart Sheehan, Assoc. Clinical Prof. in Old Age Psychiatry, Warwick: “Morale and mood disorders in care homes”


Dr Jean Helling, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Dr Philip Wilkinson, OBMH: “Psychological treatments in depression”


Dr R Mather’s team: Dr Jules Mason, SpR, OBMH: “A village support network for dementia”

Margaret Esiri, Professor in Neuropathology, Oxford: “Is neuropathology in dementia now out-dated?”


Dr Jenny McCleery, OBMH

Russell G. Foster, Professor of Circadian Neuroscience, Oxford: “Light, sleep, body clock & Mental Health”


Dr Rupert McShane, OBMH

Dr Craig Ritchie, Metabolic & Clinical Trials Unit, Mental Health Sciences, Royal Free & University College: “How do we gauge 'efficacy' with Alzheimer's disease interventions”


Dr Gerald Dawson, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Prof Carol Brayne, Institute of Public Health, Cambridge: “Results of the Medical Research Council Cognitive Function & Ageing Study”


Dr Philip Wilkinson, OBMH

Ms Jane Fossey, Department of Psychiatry, University of Oxford: “Reducing neuroleptic drugs in nursing homes”


Drs Hussey & Mitter, Berkshire Healthcare NHS Trust

Prof John O'Brien, Institute of Ageing & Health, Newcastle: “Imaging in Alzheimer's and Lewy body dementia”


Dr Hugh Series, OBMH

Prof Declan McLoughlin, Department of Psychiatry, Trinity College Dublin: “Use and mechanism of ECT in the elderly”


Dr Jonathan Williams, Optima Project: “The natural history of Alzheimer's disease - recent results from the Optima project”

Prof Gordon Wilcock, OPTIMA Project: “New Treatments for Alzheimer's disease”


*References for Lithium and Lithium Toxicity

Some references discussed at the CPD-Meeting on 7th December 2011

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See also:

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