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We welcome graduate students from a wide range of disciplines including medicine, neuroscience and psychology. The resources of FMRIB, the Department of Psychiatry and the University of Oxford provide a wide-range of training opportunities.

The FMRIB graduate training programme provides a thorough introduction to MRI physics and analysis so that graduate students can develop the skills to design and conduct research projects. A weekly research seminar provides further opportunities to discuss ideas. For those interested in MEG, training in methods and analysis is available through OHBA. Within the Department of Psychiatry there is a regular programme of old age psychiatry seminars, professorial meetings and guest lectures, which have a joint clinical and research focus. Graduate students are also encouraged to take advantage of training available through the Medical Sciences Division, which includes courses on academic writing, presentation skills, statistics, teaching, research ethics and career development.
All graduate students have access to University library services and IT support. Individual supervision is provided by two supervisors in addition to support from the Director of Graduate Studies. Senior members of the Neurobiology of Ageing group operate an open door policy, and meet regularly with graduate students for supervision and advice. Prospective students who are interested in a studying with the group should contact them directly. Here and here are a couple of sample projects.