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Oxford Brain Health Clinical Trials Unit is the only mental and cognitive health specific CTU in the UK. Our mission is to conduct high quality and patient-centric research that enables clinicians to improve patient care.

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The substantial increase in mental health and dementia-related research activity and extensive clinical research infrastructure in Oxford has resulted in increasing numbers of associated clinical trials. The newly established Oxford Brain Health Clinical Trials Unit (OBHCTU) has an important role in supporting mental health and dementia focused trials.

As the only mental health specific CTU in the UK, our mission is to conduct high quality and patient-centric research that enables clinicians to improve clinical services. In doing so, we aim to achieve an international reputation for being a research-led Clinical Trials Unit (CTU) that focuses on a variety of research projects, but predominantly in the mental health and dementia fields. As dementia and mental health trials are becoming more biomarker focused, a CTU with specific mental health and dementia experience will significantly benefit the conduct and delivery of clinical trials.

Our aspiration is that we will be able to influence continuous improvement within clinical domains by way of high-quality research and every patient and member of staff should have the opportunity to be part of a research study. OBHCTU will help drive high quality research studies from pre-clinical to clinical research and implement research outcomes directly into clinical practice. To do this, we will work closely with the NIHR BRC, Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust and Oxford University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust as well as other academic, NHS and industry partners.


Contact us

For general enquiries please email us at

For enquries related to Quality Assurance, or the Departmental QA Clinic, please email us at  


Collaborate with us

OBHCTU welcomes requests to collaborate on studies that are aligned with our interests. If you have an idea you would like to develop, please complete the project proposal form below as fully as possible and send with your enquiry to OBHCTU will review the research proposal and assess study feasibility, Our policy for study adoption is available for review. Investigators are advised to approach OBHCTU as early as possible, ideally at least three months before a grant application submission. Any information sent will be treated as strictly confidential.

Project Proposal Form


International Clinical Trials Day 2020

International Clinical Trials Day (ICTD) is held on the 20th of May each year since 2005 to commemorate the day that James Lind began his famous Scurvy trial. The objective is to make this moment a focal point for international communication events, meetings, debates, and celebrations of clinical research.This year, many of us are commemorating ICTD digitally under very unique circumstances that have impacted the global population, which includes our research community.  

It is also an important moment for Oxford Brain Health Clinical Trials Unit, as this is our first ICTD celebration. As part of this, we are circulating a special edition of our Knowledge and Innovations Bulletin.

Bulletin May 2020

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