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We collaborate with a number of excellent researchers on projects:

Feeling Safe Study

Prof Graham Dunn, Dr Richard Emsley, Prof Linda Davies (University of Manchester), Prof David Kingdon (University of Southampton), Prof Ray Fitzpatrick (University of Oxford), the McPin Foundation.


The i4i Mental Health Challenge Award

Prof David Clark, Prof Ly-Mee Yu, Dr Jose Leal, Prof John Geddes (University of Oxford and Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust), Dr Thomas Kabir and Dr Dan Robotham (McPin Foundation), Prof Chris Hollis, Dr Jennifer Martin, Dr Mike Craven, and Dr Sue Brown (NIHR MindTech and Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust), Prof Mel Slater (University of Barcelona), Jonathan West and Ed Matthews (Royal College of Art), Dr Robert Dudley (Newcastle University and Northumberland, Tyne and Wear NHS Foundation Trust), Prof Tony Morrison (University of Manchester and Greater Manchester Mental Health NHS Foundation Trust), Dr Kate Chapman (Avon and Wiltshire Mental Health Partnership NHS Trust), and Jason Freeman (Oxford VR/Nowican).


Psychosis Research Partnership (PRP)

Prof Philippa Garety, Prof Elizabeth Kuipers, Dr Suzanne Jolley, Dr Helen Waller, Dr Amy Hardy (King’s College, London), Prof David Fowler (University of Sussex), Prof Graham Dunn, Dr Richard Emsley (Manchester University), Prof Paul Bebbington (UCL).


Worry Intervention Trial

Prof Graham Dunn (Manchester University), Prof David Kingdon, Dr Jacinta Cordwell, Dr Helen Mander, Gail Wingham, Katherine Shirvell (Southampton University)


Better Sleep Trial

Prof John Geddes, Ly-Mee Yu, Dr Ramon Luengo-Fernandez (Oxford University), Prof Allison Harvey (Berkley), Dr Zenobia Zaiwalla (Oxford University Hospitals)


Paranoia in young people

Prof Claire Hughes, Keri Wong (Cambridge University)


The LEAP Project

Dr Angelica Ronald (Birkbeck University), Prof Robert Plomin (King’s College, London).


THC and paranoia

Dr Paul Morrison, Prof Robin Murray (King’s College, London), Dr Rob Cornish, Dr Beata Godlewska, Dr Artemis Igoumenou, Dr Martina Di Simplicio, Dr Jonathan Williams



Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute

Prof Russell Foster, Prof Guy Goodwin, Prof Paul Harrison, Dr Katharina Wulff (Oxford University), Prof Emily Holmes (Cambridge University).