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Upcoming workshops facilitated by members of the O-CAP team.


A New Translational Treatment for Persecutory Delusions: The Feeling Safe Programme

Date 20 Jan - 21 Jan 2021
Presenters Bryony Sheaves, Daniel Freeman, Louise Isham, Felicity Waite
Level Intermediate - Advanced
Cost £260
Venue McInnes Room, Warneford Hospital

Delusions are one of the most frequent and distressing psychotic experiences. In the last ten years they have become the focus of considerable psychological research. This research is being used by Professor Daniel Freeman and colleagues to develop a new targeted, personalised, modular therapy for patients with persecutory delusions, called the Feeling Safe Programme. The aim is for a much higher recovery rate in delusions. The workshop will provide an overview of key elements within the new approach to delusions, including the assessment process, reducing sleep disturbance, tackling worry, enhancing self-confidence, and building a renewed sense of safety.

For more information and to register please follow this link:



Date 24 Mar - 26 Mar 2021
Presenters Felicity Waite, Rowan Diamond, Emma Černis, Rory Byrne, Andrew Gumley, Bryony Sheaves, Daniel Freeman, Louise Isham
Level Intermediate - Advanced
Cost £525
Venue Department of Psychiatry Seminar Room, Warneford Hospital


  • Counteracting Paranoia – Learning of Safety
  • Grandiose Delusions (Delusions of Exceptionality) – Developing a New Translational Treatment
  • A Cognitive Interpersonal model of fear of recurrence in people in psychosis
  • Learning from lived experience of CBTp to promote engagement and recovery


  • Dissociation in Non-Affective Psychosis
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Nightmares for Patients Experiencing Psychosis
  • Body image concerns in psychosis: ‘the voices tell me that I am ugly’.
  • Increasing physical activity for people who have experienced psychosis


  • Formulation Skills in CBT for Psychosis

For more information and to register please follow this link: