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We design and conduct clinical trials in cognitive health and neuroscience. Our trials include evaluations of promising new therapies, direct comparisons of current treatments and health services research.

Oxford cognitive health and neuroscience clinical trials unit © Shutterstock

Our portfolio at OCHNCTU includes trials of therapies for neurological conditions, mental illness and cognitive impairments. We are committed to the generation of robust evidence on the safety and efficacy of both current treatments and promising new treatments in these areas.

We focus on the design and conduct of trials which address questions arising from the work of academic staff from the Departments of Psychiatry and Experimental Psychology, the Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences and from NHS clinicians.

We offer expertise in statistics, trial management, quality assurance, database provision and data management. We also offer specific services (such as provision of a randomisation program) for trials not conducted as part of OCHNCTU.

We have close links with, and access for research to, the NIHR Oxford cognitive health Clinical Research Facility which is  located at four sites across Oxford  (at the John Radcliffe Hospital, two sites at the University of Oxford Department of Experimental Psychology and the Warneford Hospital). The Warneford site houses a  fit for purpose facility with 8 research rooms staffed by research nurses and medics, which allows high intensity clinical research  focusing on translational neuroscience. 

In addition to conducting trials, our research includes systematic reviews of clinical evidence (which identify the need for new trials) and the development of methodology to facilitate research into the causes and treatment of illnesses.

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