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We are looking for healthy volunteers aged between 18-22 of age for a study investigating the effect of the drug fenfluramine on learning and memory.

Participants will be invited to the Department of Psychiatry (University of Oxford) at the Warneford Hospital. The study takes place over four sessions. We would ask participants to take the study drug (fenfluramine or placebo) for a 7-day period. We ask participants to complete tests of learning and memory before and after taking the study drug. These are computer-based tasks that require you to complete straightforward tasks, for example, recalling a word from a sentence that was previously read. These tasks are safe and non-invasive. You would also need to complete some questionnaires which measure mood and wellbeing.

Our contact email: Alternatively, you can call us at 01865 618 303 (only Tuesday and Thursdays 9-5pm).

Central University Research Ethics Committee number: R69642/RE001