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We research how people interact with each other in psychiatry. We use both qualitative and quantitative methods and are especially committed to improving rigor in mental health services research.

Social psychiatry © Social Psychiatry
Social Psychiatry Group October 2012

The Social Psychiatry Group is a multi-disciplinary research unit focusing on outcomes in community mental health services. Our focus is on rigorous clinical evaluations and pragmatic trials of complex interventions in the community.

 We particularly focus on how services are provided for and experienced by those with severe mental illness. Most of our work consists of experimental studies of community based treatment. We also conduct cohort studies and comprehensive qualitative studies to gain in-depth understanding of how treatment forms and relationships between services users and service providers impact on patient outcomes. Various forms of coercion in mental health services are currently the focus of most our work.

Professor Tom Burns retired in 2014 but remains active and the group continues to finish off and develop work from the major projects running previously. The group collaborates with other research teams, an example of this being our assistance with the COFI study run by Professor Stefan Priebe in London. We also continue to collaborate with colleagues from research groups overseas on projects.

Several members of the group have just completed a volume on coercion in community mental health care which will be available early 2016 and upcoming publications in peer reviewed journals will continue to be registered here.

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