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I joined the Social Psychiatry Research Group in 2009 to lead the qualitative arm of the NIHR-funded programme on coercion in community psychiatric services (ULTIMA and OCTET) headed by Professor Tom Burns. I have been conducting and teaching qualitative research for 20 years, mainly in the field of health and mental health. My research interests are in personal experiences of health and mental health and policy, service delivery and health and social interventions (recipients and providers’ perspectives). In particular, I have a longstanding interest in coercion, compulsion and adherence within and beyond mental health services.


Previous Positions

  • Senior Researcher, DIPEx Health Experiences Research Group, Department of Primary Health Care, University of Oxford, 2007-2009
  • Research Fellow, Division of Public Health, Department of Sociology and Social Policy & Division of Primary Care, University of Liverpool, 2001-2007
  • Research Fellow, Department of Forensic Psychiatry, St. George’s Hospital Medical School, London, 2001 and 1999-2000
  • Research Assistant, Medical School, University of Manchester, 2000
  • Interviewer, National Centre for Social Research, 1998-1999