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Results of the OCTET study

The OCTET study involved 333 people in all. Half were on a CTO and the other half were not. We compared how many in each group were back in hospital over 12 months, and it turned out it was exactly the same in both groups. We also did not find any difference between the two groups in terms of how long people were back in hospital for or what kinds of symptoms they experienced. People in both groups were in touch with their mental health team around 2-4 times a month.

We did find a big difference in how long people were under legal compulsion when they left hospital after agreeing to take part in the study. Those who went on a CTO were on average under compulsion for 6 months, and those who left hospital on section 17 leave were under compulsion for one week on average. So, those on CTOs were under compulsion for much longer, but they did not need any less time in hospital.

We think this is an important finding and we have published the results in The Lancet. We are continuing to analyse all the information the 333 participants gave us, so there will be more publications at a later date.