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Graduate Studies Committee

Profiles of some part-time students


Tel: +44 (0) 1865 618209

The DPhil at Oxford has few taught courses, and starts from the outset with expecting a high degree of independence from its graduate students.

We participate in the Programmes of the Medical Sciences Graduate School.

The Doctor of Philosophy (DPhil) and Master of Science by Research (MSc Res) offer students the opportunity to develop research skills in their chosen field.  They have few taught courses, and students are expected to be able to study independently from the outset.  Our entry requirements do not specify degree subjects because of the broad range of research areas available but most research degrees require a background in medicine, psychology or a biological science. 

We are only able to offer places to students for whom we provide appropriate supervision.  Before completing an online application, therefore, we recommend that you identify a potential supervisor in your area of interest and then contact them directly to discuss possible topics for research.  A list of potential supervisors can be found here. They will be happy to discuss your research ideas and indicate whether they are likely to be taking on graduate students next year, as well as giving details of any funds that are available to support you.

The deadline for applications for admission in 2021/22 is 12.00 noon UK time on Friday 8th January 2021.  You can find information about the admission process, as well as answers to any other questions you may have here.

STUDENTSHIPS - We have some full-studentships that cover course fees, as well as living costs. These are funded by a number of bodies including the Medical Research Council, Clarendon Funds and University Colleges and will be awarded on a competitive basis. 

Departmental DPhil Studentships - 2021-22 - Details to follow shortly


  For information on scholarships and funding go here.


For some examples of possible research projects go here

Please contact Tracy Lindsey for further advice and details of whom to contact to discuss outline proposals.


Applications Deadline:

12:00 noon UK time on Friday 8th January 2021  



DPhil in Psychiatry

RD_PV1 (Full Time)

RD_PV9P1 (Part Time)

MSc in Psychiatry in Psychiatry

RM_PV1 (Full Time)

RM_PV9P1 (Part Time)






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