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Adele Holder


Research Assistant

I am a research assistant working under the supervision of Professor Philip Cowen. My research group is interested in exploring the efficacy of a lithium mimetic, ebselen, in the treatment of hypo/mania in people with bipolar affective disorder.

Ebselen has previously been studied in people following on from a stroke, as well as people with noise induced hearing loss and healthy volunteers. To date, there are no associated side effects associated with ebselen when compared to placebo. We therefore hope that Ebselen may have a similar efficacy to lithium in stabilising moods in individuals with bipolar, but that it may not have the adverse side effects that are commonly associated with Lithium.

I am also working with Dr Beata Godlewska on a pilot study investigating the effects of creatine in chronic fatigue syndrome (CFS). The study will involve recruiting 20 patient with CFS and investigating their cognitive performance at baseline, and again following 6 weeks of creatine supplementation. We will also be using MRS to record any neurochemical changes in the brain following creatine administration. 

I am also working on a study with Dr Andrea Reinecke. The study is looking at the effects of Losartan on emotional processing in healthy volunteers.

I completed my Undergraduate degree in Psychology with Professional placement at Cardiff University and graduated in 2016. I have also worked as a clinician in an eating disorders service for 1.5 years prior to this post.