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Alice Quinton

Research Assistant

Clinical psychopharmacology, emotional processing and the role of inflammation in depression.

Research Assistant

As a research assistant for the Clinical Psychopharmacology group, I am assisting with the design, analysis and implementation of both face-to-face and online experimental medicine studies investigating the role of inflammation in depression.

My current work focuses on exploring the effect of widely prescribed cholesterol lowering, anti-inflammatory drugs called statins on emotional processing in healthy volunteers and those at risk of depression. My research during my MSc in Clinical and Therapeutic Neuroscience included conducting a meta-analysis that showed elevated biomarkers of gut dysbiosis are positively associated with transdiagnostic depressive and negative symptomology ('sickness behaviour') across severe mental illness and chronic fatigue syndrome.

I am fascinated by how the brain, body and social environment interact to shape our mental health, and I have a keen interest in developmental neuroscience. Ultimately I want to understand how the course, maintenance and treatment of mental illness differs throughout development, and is impacted by co-occuring diagnoses and adverse life events.