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Angus Stevner

B.Sc. Med.

DPhil student


I am currently reading for a D.Phil. within the Hedonia: TrygFonden Research Group under the supervision of Professor Kringelbach.

My research is focused on the role of functional brain connectivity in sleep and sleep deprivation. Specifically I am interested in uncovering the neural dynamics involved when sleep ascends and descends through its periodical stages. Sleep disorders are involved in a wide range of psychiatric as well as neurological illnesses, and investigating the functions and dysfunctions of sleep through e.g. magnetoencephalography will hopefully lead to a better understanding of such clinical cases in the future. A very basic goal within this field is to more fully comprehend the direction of causality between sleep and disorder. I hope my work will assist in this respect and feel very lucky to be able to pursue a contribution to this line of research. 

In 2013 I got my B.Sc. in medicine from University of Copenhagen, Denmark. During this degree I completed  a research year, 8 months of which was spent here in Oxford and within the department.

Today I am a member of Jesus College and generously funded by Aarhus University, Denmark.

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