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Ann Sharpley

BSc, PhD

Trials Manager & Polysomnographer

My research focuses on the psychopharmacology of mood disorders (depression and bipolar disorder) with a particular interest on the effects of drugs on sleep.

I am part of Professor Phil Cowen's Psychopharmacology Research Group and work closely with Dr Beata Godlewska and Clare Williams on studies using magnetic reesonance spectroscopy (MRS) to measure brain chemicals, particularly glutamate, in people with depression and those undergoing interferon treatment for hepatitis C.

For many years the main focus of my research has been the use of ambulatory technology (polysomnography and actigraphy) to measure the effects of drugs on sleep in volunteers and patients. Currently, working with Dr Nisha Singh, we are looking at the effects of ebselen, a lithium like compound on sleep and MRS.

I am experienced in managing clinical trials, for example PRE-EMPT and MIAMI-UK.