Anna Myers

Senior Project Manager - Dementias Platform UK

I lead on project management and operational delivery for Dementias Platform UK (DPUK), a public-private partnership initiative funded by the Medical Research Council.

DPUK’s partners – ten universities and six industry companies – have joined forces with the aim of accelerating research towards effective treatment for dementia by improving access to data. By bringing together records from over 40 different cohort studies – including brain scans, genetics and clinical records – DPUK is creating the world’s richest source of people data for use in research and drug development for dementia. This free-to-access resource of cohort data is available for use by any bona fide researcher who is interested in investigating dementia, whether based within a university or industry context. DPUK facilitates safe and secure access to this data through its Data Portal, enabling research and analyses at a scale that has not previously been possible for studies into dementia.

Prior to working at the University of Oxford, I undertook a number of communications and programme management roles at Oxford Brookes University and Oxfam GB.