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Anne Ferrey


Research Coordinator, Centre for Suicide Research

I am a research psychologist with an interest in public health and translational research. I am interested in emotional and neural aspects of inhibitory control and in risk and decision-making, particularly in at-risk and adolescent groups.  I completed a post-doctoral appointment at the Yale School of Medicine using EEG  to examine inhibitory control in children with Tourette Syndrome, ADHD and/or aggressive behaviour.

As the Research Coordinator of the Centre for Suicide Research, I am using qualitative research to develop materials for parents and carers of young people who engage in self-harm, as well as a guide for school staff on how to support parents. This will build on the module developed by our group for designed to explore the experiences of parents and carers of young people who self-harm.

Recently, I collaborated on a guide commissioned by Public Health England to help local authorities understand, prepare for and respond to a suicide cluster.

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