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Bettina Moltrecht

Bettina Moltrecht

Bettina Moltrecht


Post-doctoral researcher

  • Parental mental health and child well-being
  • COVID-19 research project with Blackpool Better Start to support parents during the pandemic

I am a post-doctoral researcher working in  Professor Alan Stein's group. Our group focuses on elucidating the key mechanisms underpinning child development including the intergenerational transmission of difficulties in the context of adversity.

Parents mental health & child well-being

I am working with young parent's affected by the COVID-19 pandemic to identify how they have been affected by it and how we can support them better during these difficult times. We know that COVID-19 has disrupted both informal and professional support networks for parents and fathers have frequently been excluded from important pregnancy "milestones", such as antenatal scans, thereby having a huge impact on both mothers' and fathers' experiences of becoming a parent.

Therefore, I am exploring with the parents what support would help them the most, especially in terms of its mode of delivery. For this project I am working closely with the Better Start Team in Blackpool, who are as a charity providing support services to parents. (

Emotion regulation & digital interventions

I am highly interested in exploring the role of emotion regulation as a transdiagnostic factor in the development, treatment and prevention of psychopathology, which was the main focus of my PhD project, which was funded by the EU Horizon 2020 Research & Innovation program. 

During my PhD I first explored the temporary and conceptual relationships between emotion regulation and child psychopathology over time. Secondly, I developed a new emotion regulation app for children, for which I utilized cross-disciplinary methods from the field of human-computer-interaction and psychology. After a series of user-centred-design workshops and prototype testing, I evaluated the usability, acceptability and implementation of the app across 4 primary schools as part of a 3-month exploratory feasibility trial. 

When I am not doing research, I am mostly continuing my clinical training to become a counselling psychologist in the UK.

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