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Camillia Kong


Senior Researcher, NeuroGenE

I am a moral and political philosopher with research interests in ethical issues around mental capacity, psychiatric treatment, and psychiatric genomics.  I have particular interests in how relational and socio-economic contexts impact on the development of selfhood and mental disorder, as well the ethics around neurogenetic explanations of mental illness and the translation of psychiatric genomics in practice.  My book, Mental Capacity in Relationship: Decision-Making, Dialogue, and Autonomy (Cambridge University Press), focuses on the legal landscape of mental capacity law and human rights legislation, and explores the role of relationships in the decision-making capacity of individuals with impairments and mental disorders.  The findings of my monograph forms the basis of another forthcoming publication (with Alex Ruck Keene) Overcoming Challenges in the Mental Capacity Act 2005: Practical Guidance for Working with Complex Issues (Jessica Kingsley, 2018), which provides reflective ethical guidance for practitioners charged with mental capacity adjudications.

I was previously a Lecturer in Philosophy at the University of Kent and have held a British Academy Postdoctoral Fellowship at the Ethox Centre, Oxford. 


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