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Charandeep Khera

BSc (Hons), PGCert, MSc

Research Assistant

Research Group: Centre for Research on Eating Disorders at Oxford (CREDO)

I am contributing to the development of evidence-based treatments for those with eating disorders. My primary project involves developing a digital (website and mobile application) treatment for Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating Disorder. This has been derived from enhanced cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT-E). This direct-to-public treatment aims to reduce barriers and increase treatment uptake and completion rates.

I completed my undergraduate degree in Psychology at the University of Bristol and my master’s degree in Forensic Psychology at King’s College London. Before joining CREDO, I worked in various clinical and research settings, including primary care, a forensic psychiatric unit and a specialist military research department. I have a general interest in developing evidence-based clinical treatments, particularly for those with severe and enduring mental illness.