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Clare Williams


Research Nurse

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The research that I am involved in focuses on the psychopharmacology of depression. This includes biochemical changes that are associated with depression and how drugs work to alleviate the symptoms that depressed patients’ experience.

I am a part of Prof Philip Cowen's Clinical Psychopharmacology group and work on a number of projects that use brain imaging methods and neuropsychological models to understand the brain changes that occur in depression.

I am particularly interested in people who are at risk of developing depression by virtue of having a previous history of the illness or a family history of depression. Recently I have been involved in a study looking at young people at risk of depression and looking at raised waking cortisol levels that may be associated with biochemical risk markers for other disorders that have been linked to people who have established depression and raised cortisol secretion. These include problems with memory, and aspects of metabolism that might predict a future risk of medical conditions such as obesity and heart disease.