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Corinna Klinge


Post-doctoral Researcher

My current research focusses on developing a test battery that is sensitive to subtle changes in cognitive function, i.e. learning and memory. Experiments include both computerized tasks, as well as EEG recordings, to provide behavioural and brain activity data.

The ultimate aim of the present project is to create a tool that can pick up both decline and improvement in cognitive function in different contexts, such as disease/ageing or following a pharmacological intervention, using e.g. cognitive enhancers.

In the long run, such a cost-effective diagnostic tool could be used to monitor cognitive function in clinical settings, also including phase 1 trials (drug development).

Before starting this current project, I was involved in a clinical trial, investigating the effects and side effects different anti-depressants can have on emotion processing, motivation and sexual function in the same lab.

Prior to this, I completed my PhD in early 2011, investigating changes in brain function of blind compared to sighted participants, using behavioural measures and fMRI, under the supervision of Christian Büchel (Hamburg, Germany).

All the projects I have worked on allowed me to combine my 2 main interests, namely psychological/neuroscientific research and working within more clinical settings.

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