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Daniela Fonseca de Freitas

Daniela Fonseca de Freitas

Daniela Fonseca de Freitas

PhD, CPsychol

Senior Postdoctoral Researcher

I am a researcher working at the CHIMES Collaborative and also part-time working at the Department of Psychological Medicine at King’s College London. Currently, I am researching ethnic disparities in involuntary admission under the Mental Health Act, and social disadvantage and multi-morbidity in people with severe mental illnesses.

My primary research interests focus on social inequities and their impact on health, inequalities in health care, resilience and protective factors of marginalised communities.

I hold a PhD in Psychology and have investigated resilience in the face of peer victimisation and perceived discrimination, the experiences of lesbian, gay and bisexual people, and of minoritised ethnic groups, and attitudes toward same-sex parenting. 

More recently, I have been involved in studies regarding hospital admissions under the Mental Health Act, response to pharmacotherapy, Covid-19 infection and mortality in people with psychosis, and gender and ethnic inequities in pharmacological treatment.

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