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Research groups

Daria Jensen

DPhil in Psychiatry, MSc in Cognitive Science, BSc in Biology

Postdoctoral Researcher in Cognitive Neuroscience

Postdoctoral Researcher

I am a Postdoc in Cognitive Neuroscience with Assoc. Prof. Miriam Klein-Flügge. Previously, I conducted a DPhil, supervised by Professor Klaus Ebmeier, Sana Suri and Miriam Klein-Flügge. My research focuses on the detection of brain connectivity pathways across the lifespan, which are influenced by diet and the metabolic system.

I am investigating the associations among diet, metabolism, cognition and brain structure, function and connectivity across the lifespan. I analyse data from younger adults who are part of the Human Connectome Project (HCP) and longitudinal data (mid-life-older adults) from the Whitehall II cohort. I am particularly interested in brain connectivity changes associated with diet and metabolism, which might be used to explain important pathways related to dementia, obesity, and/or diabetes.

Prior to my DPhil, I worked as a Research Assistant (2018) in the research group of Matthew Rushworth, and completed a MSc degree in Cognitive Science at Eberhard-Karls University Tübingen (2017), and a BSc in Biology at Freie Universität Berlin (2013).

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