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Emma Cernis

MA(Oxon), MSc, DClinPsych

Wellcome Trust Clinical Doctoral Fellow & Honorary Clinical Psychologist

The aim of my current program of research is to develop the psychological understanding and treatment of dissociative experiences in non-affective psychosis. This is a 3-year Wellcome Trust Clinical Doctoral Fellowship following on from my clinical training doctorate at the Oxford Institute of Clinical Psychology Training, where my dissertation also focused on dissociation.

To complement my research, I work one day per week in the Oxford Early Intervention service, specialising in dissociative experiences in first-episode psychosis.

I have a long-standing interest in working with people with psychosis, having previously worked in the O-CAP team as a research assistant on several studies, and more recently as a trial therapist on clinical trials including Feeling Safe and SlowMo.

I also have an interest in the clinical and theoretical overlap between psychosis, trauma, and dissociation, and previously worked in a specialist child and adolescent trauma service. Reflecting the overlap between dissociation and trauma, my research is supervised both by Professor Daniel Freeman (O-CAP) and by Professor Anke Ehlers (OxCADAT).

I am an HCPC registered clinical psychologist.

Oxford Early Intervention Service

Oxford Centre for Anxiety Disorders and Trauma (OxCADAT)

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