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Giuliano Tomei

BSc, MSc

Research Assistant

I am a research assistant in the SINAPPS group, covering the East of England and Midlands areas for the SINAPPS2 and PPiP2 studies, investigating the prevalence of anti-neuronal membrane antibodies in psychotic symptoms and testing possible treatments.

I am based at the Department of Neurology, Addenbrooke’s University Hospital in Cambridge. My duties include collaborating with NHS research teams in identifying and recruiting participants for the PPiP study, as well as assessing, collecting data and following participants in the SINAPPS2 study.

I previously worked as Assistant Psychologist/Research Worker at the Anxiety Disorders Residential Unit, Bethlem Royal Hospital, and IoPPN, King’s College London, and as assistant psychologist at the Norvic Clinic Medium Secure Unit in Norwich. In Italy, I worked as assistant researcher at the University of Bologna, Department of Psychology, under the supervision of Prof. E. Tomba and Prof. G. Fava. 

I graduated from MSc in Clinical Psychology at the University of Bologna with Prof G. Fava, presenting an original study on the clinical and biological correlates of allostatic overload in more than 800 adolescents.

My main fields of interest are the psychobiology of stress and how it influences onset and trajectory of psychiatric disorders, and the connections between psychophysiology and responses to psychological therapies.