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Hami Lee

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DPhil student

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Examining alternative splicing patterns of VGCC genes in human postmortem brain which might be related with Schizophrenia and/or bipolar disorder

Hami is interested in biological risk factors specifically the neuronal risk factors of Schizophrenia/ Bipolar disorder.

Hami is in Neural Correlates of Gene Function group in the Department of Psychiatry, supervised by Elizabeth Tunbridge and Prof. Paul Harrison. 

Her DPhil research is looking at the effect of voltage-gated calcium channel (VGCC) genes on the development of Schizophrenia/Bipolar disorder. In specific, her research uses Nanopore long-read sequencing to examine alternative splicing patterns of VGCC genes. Hami has examined that there are expressions of truncated CACNA1F and truncated CACNA1S in the human brain which was known not to be expressed in the human brain. 

Moreover, Hami has examined transcription start site (TSS) of both genes and now examining where TSSs are located, whether it is conserved among species, developmental stages, and also, whether it is conserved among genes in L-type VGCCS which are CACNA1C, CACNA1D, CACNA1F, and CACNA1S. 

This work would provide in-depth grasps of L-type VGCC genes in the human brain and more elucidated catalogs of the genes. 

Prior to her DPhil at the University of Oxford, Hami has awarded MSc in Gene, Environment, and Development at IoPPN at King's College London. Hami's MSc project looked at the epigenome-wide association (using linear regression and bump-hunting analysis) between FA measures(DTI screening) of adolescent's brains and DNA methylation. She obtained a BA in Psychology and Sociology (Law, Criminology, and Deviance track) as a double major at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities.