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Imelda Barber





I form part of the Bioinformatics team in the Translational Neuroscience & Dementia Research group. I use computer programming and machine learning to manipulate and analyse large data in the hope of elucidating mechanisms of disease.

I'm interested in health, molecular genetics and programming.

Short Description


University of Nottingham

  • 2016 - PhD Investigating the Genetics of Sporadic Early-Onset Alzheimer's Disease Using a Customised Genotyping Chip 
  • 2012 - M.Sc Molecular Genetics and Diagnostics

University of Birmingham 

  • 2009 - B.Sc (Hons) Bioinformatics 
Research Summary


I'm currently using machine learning to develop a protein biomarker panel for Parkinson's disease. The hope is to find proteins that best describe if a person is likely to develop Parkinson's disease before symptoms and hopefully degeneration occurs, this would enable the administration of therapies at a better time point in the disease.

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