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James Griffiths

Senior Trials Manager

My role as part of the Oxford Brain Health Clinical Trials Unit is to support investigators with research ideas that they would like to develop, preparing costings for new studies and contributing to grant applications, overseeing the progress of projects, and offering advice and guidance to staff on all areas of trial conduct.

I have experience of managing individual trials; notably I have managed demanding neonatal CTIMPs including the TOBY Xe Phase II RCT of the neuroprotective effects of hypothermia combined with inhaled xenon following perinatal asphyxia; and ELFIN, a Phase III RCT of prophylactic enteral lactoferrin supplementation to prevent late-onset invasive infection in very preterm infants.As a Senior Trial Manager, I have supported a portfolio of trials in the UK and Internationally including line management of the trial teams.

Currently I am responsible for the set-up and management of the NIHR EME funded PAX-D trial led by Professor John Geddes and Professor Michael Browning.

Prior to joining the Oxford Brain Health Clinical Trials Unit and Department of Psychiatry in 2019, I worked on a wide variety of clinical trials in paediatric and adult haemato-oncology, neonatal intensive care and acute brain injury in the NHS, at the CR UK & UCL Cancer Trials Centre and University of Oxford NPEU CTU, both UKCRC registered CTUs.

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