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Jessica Radley

Jessica Radley

Jessica Radley


DPhil Student

I am a DPhil Student supervised by Dr Louise Johns and Professor Jane Barlow. I completed my undergraduate degree in Linguistics (BA) in 2016 at the University of Cambridge, after which I did a conversion masters in Psychology of Mental Health (MSc) in 2017-18 at the University of Edinburgh. 

I started my DPhil in 2018, and I have been investigating the needs and experiences of parents with psychosis and the needs and experiences of their families. I have conducted qualitative interviews with parents with psychosis, their partners and their children as well as focus groups with healthcare professionals to gain insight from multiple stakeholders. I've used CRIS (anonymised mental health records) to describe the characteristics of parents with psychosis, and find out which characteristics increase the likelihood of someone with psychosis being a parent. I've also conducted a scoping review of parenting interventions for parents with mental illness that might benefit parents with psychosis. I also investigated the relationship between parenting stress and psychosis in a project using experience sampling methodology.

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