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Kaelene Mistretta


Research Manager

Team manager of Neuroscience, Ethics & Society (NEUROSEC)

I am responsible for managing Professor Ilina Singh's team, Neuroscience, Ethics & Society (NEUROSEC). We are involved in developing ethics research and guidance for a range of scientific and clinical studies in Oxford Psychiatry and Neuroscience, including projects in forensic psychiatry, bi-polar disorder, psychosis, anorexia nervosa and global child development. We also provide ethics advice and foresight analysis to projects involving ‘big neuro’ and personalised mental health. 

I joined the Department of Psychiatry in April 2016 working on the ongoing development of an ethically grounded Patient and Public Involvement (PPI) strategy and within this scope, coordinating the establishment of the Patients and Research (PAR) group. 

I have also worked in the Oxford Cognitive Health and Neuroscience Clinical Trials Unit (OCHNCTU), providing administrative assistance to the unit and its main project at the time OxLith a RCT investigating the short-term  physiological and cognitive effects of lithium over 6 weeks versus placebo in participants with a diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

I hold a Bachelor of Occupational Therapy from La Trobe University, Australia and have clinical experience as an Occupational Therapist working primarily in Neurological Rehabilitation within the NHS and Australia health services.