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Kate Tudor

Kate Tudor

Kate Tudor


Postdoctoral Researcher, Oxford Mindfulness Centre

Research Focus

My research focus is the implementation of interventions for physical and mental health. My current research investigates how mindfulness-based interventions implemented in schools can prevent depression and enhance wellbeing in adolescent populations. I am analysing and disseminating findings from the Wellcome Trust strategic award Mindfulness and Resilience in Adolescence (MYRIAD). 

Brief biography

In 2011 I graduated in Psychology (BSc) from the University of Sheffield. I was awarded a distinction in Health Psychology (MSc) from Aston University (2013). Following two years working on clinical trials in healthcare settings at University College London and Kings College London (2013-2015), I completed my PhD in Health Psychology (Loughborough University, 2018).

My first postdoctoral role focussed on the development of behavioural interventions to treat and prevent cardiovascular disease. My work specifically focussed on clinician delivered interventions to help people manage their weight and promote medication adherence.