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Katie Fletcher

Research Co-ordinator

Responsible for the administration of Professor Kuykens group

I am a senior administrator with 20 years experience both at a corporate and academic level. I have been working with the University for over 7 years, having now been with the Department of Psychiatry since April 2017.

I work in Professor Willem Kuykens research group, alongside Jesus Montero Marin, helping to co-ordinate all the administration for the group. The groups current work focuses on the potential of mindfulness training delivered as a universal intervention in schools through the a Wellcome Trust funded strategic award Mindfulness and Resilience in Adolescence (MYRIAD).

This programme of research explores the impact of mindfulness training on adolescent cognition and social and emotional processing,the effectiveness and cost effectiveness of this training in improving adolescent wellbeing and reducing risk of depression and emotional /behavioural dysfunction and the most effective methods of training classroom teachers in its delivery. The PIs for this project are Professor Willem Kuyken and Professor Mark Williams, Oxford, Professor Tim Dalgleish, Cambridge and Professor Sarah-Jayne Blakemore, UCL). I am responsible for the administration for this grant well as co-ordinating the recently awarded Public Engagement grant associated with the MYRIAD grant.