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Lucy Jobbins

BSc, MSc

Research Assistant

Brain Ageing and Dementia Research

I lead the participant recruitment and testing for the Heart-Brain Study. This combines MRI, vascular ultrasound, and cognitive testing in participants of the longitudinal Whitehall II Imaging cohort to examine the role of cerebrovascular reactivity in cognitive decline. Within the wider university community, I am a Public Engagement Ambassador for the Wellcome Centre for Integrative Neuroimaging. 

Prior to joining the Heart-Brain Group, I completed my MSc in Neuroscience at the University of Sussex, where my thesis examined the impact of APOE4 in middle-aged carriers upon brain structure, prospective memory, and blood-brain barrier permeability. Before this, I studied a BSc in Applied Clinical Psychology at the University of Kent, where I developed research skills in transcranial direct current stimulation and memory.

I also completed a placement year in an NHS Memory Clinic, where I worked closely with people with dementia to co-produce and evaluate a new peer support intervention. I continued volunteering work with a dementia engagement group for another 2 years, including co-producing a poetry project and giving a talk on my volunteering experiences at the Wales International Dementia Conference.